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Welcome to our Digital Marketing Hub for Irish SME’s

This unique information resource has been developed by Inspiration Marketing. It is based on our 15 years of digital marketing client engagement experience i.e. “at the coal face”. It starts by outlining upfront how you would prepare a Digital Marketing strategy and tactical implementation plan.

It then goes into more detail on the likely main components of your marketing strategy. Looking at the website phase , technical SEO, content marketing, online marketing budgets, Paid advertising, email marketing and of course social media engagement strategy.


Our Digital Marketing Guide

This Digital Marketing guide should be particularly relevant, useful and timely for exporting Irish SME’s. Digital Marketing channels are particularly important for businesses trying to reach customers in international markets. It is not always possible to have a physical sales presence on the ground overseas and a good web presence can help generate the initial sales leads very cost effectively.

We invite you to browse and welcome any feedback you might have. Please feel free to contact Inspiration Marketing if you have a digital marketing initiative particularly if you are looking to export your goods / services. We specialise in supporting Irish exporting SME’s many of which are clients of Enterprise Ireland.

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